About me

I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. From an early age, my father - a civil engineer - taught me the techniques behind drafting. Eventually, I followed in my father's footsteps and graduated with an Associate's Degree in Civil Engineering. In March of 2009, I moved to Seattle, Washington with the intent to pursue a degree in architecture, but found myself drawn to web design. Like architecture, the process behind web design involved designing, mapping and erecting a purposeful space to house thoughts and share ideas. However, unlike architecture, web design allowed a freedom that concrete structures did not allow. After working as a freelance web designer, I finally chose my course and enrolled in the Art Institute of Seattle in September 2010. I am graduated a Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media and have also been received well by the Dean, my instructors, and my peers. My love for art, eye for design and knowledge in engineering have helped me as great assets in manifesting my ideas. All of my designs desire elegance in structure and a purpose.